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Hey there! We’re just starting out as a scanlation group, but we hope to gain as much experience as we can from now on.

We don’t have any long term projects as of yet, most of them will be doujinishis and oneshots until we will feel confident enough to take on bigger projects ( full mangas ).

The projects we choose will most likely be doujinishis from series that we like or certain oneshots that we find interesting. If anyone has a doujin/oneshot that coincides with our interests and would like it to get translated, please feel free to let us know. We can’t always find the best ones on our own ^_~ Same goes for scanners or raw providers especially, we’re currently lacking in this field.

We’ll try to make releases as often as we can, but that also depends on our schedules and so on.
Also, constructive criticism of any kind is more than welcome, it can always help improve our releases.

As for now, we hope you’ll enjoy our scanlations!

Translator – Jeevas_christ

Editor – Henshu_hina

Typesetter – Henshu_hina

Proofreader – Henshu_hina

Raw provider / Scanner – currently no official member , just scanners from whom we choose our projects.

Rubysp720scans (I’ll see you in my dream – CG Doujin)

If anyone wants to join us, mostly in the field we’re lacking please don’t hesitate to message us.
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Yes, these two cute guys our our own personal mascots <3

Various images and/or comics with them will be featured in our releases, so be on the look-out because you’ll most definitely have a bonus surprise hehe Enjoy ! <3

Characters are drawn and created by our very lovely Aki-chan, whom we thank for donating us her creations <3

More information about them will be added in time, patience is a virtue! XD